Chronicles of a Christian single Woman: Crazy cat lady

I tried to do a little research on being a single woman that loves the Lord. I wanted to write an in depth passage that was properly researched & studied. Something that was heart felt and that would make you cry. Then about one sentence into an article I was reading, I remembered that I have ADHD and said bump this I’m just going to wing it.

This will be my third part to my series, Chronicles of a Christian single woman. So far I am on a streak of who will send me a private message asking me if I thought about talking to someone. I don’t have anything against therapists and I know for a fact that they help people. They are just not for me! That’s why I write it all down, this is my therapy and to the five people that read these, you are my therapists! I’ve been to all kinds ever since a child and majority of the time they would try to diagnose me with some sort of something that would require medicine. Honestly, I was just talking and I wasn’t looking for some pill that would just make me hold in what bothered me. Holding it in just makes it worse.

I realized that I don’t hold back about how I’m feeling. I will blurt out anything that’s on my mind and some people are afraid of that. Talking is one of my hobbies, but since I’m alone a lot, it’s the one hobby I don’t get to do often. Talking on the phone isn’t a thing anymore and I have way too many words to text it all. So, I just chill! There are some very weird & random things that will come across my mind. Most of the time I just get weird looks and a bunch of face palms but that’s okay! I think it’s funny.

Anyways… I am starting to get to the point that being a crazy cat lady looks very promising. My mother has a big heart for animals, always has and she passed it down to me. Growing up, we always had a cat(s) and a dog. Animals were a great comfort to have around and being an only child, it was just easier to hang out with my pets.

About four years ago, I got my cat Ari. My ex husband hated anything that took attention off of him, so the fact that he let me have a cat was a God thing. He was about 5 weeks old when I got him and he came straight from the Lord. Ari was different from any animal I’ve ever had in my life. He had the coolest markings, his eyes were bright green and we were two peas in a pod. Where ever I was, Ari was right there with me. He also had an instinct of knowing when my stress levels were getting close to panic mode, he would come to me with his cute purring self and I would instantly feel calm.

My beautiful boy!

Ari got sick and died on labor day of 2022. That day is a day that I could only compare to losing my grandma when I was 16. Ari was my best friend and as hard as I prayed for God to let me keep him. I realized that it would be selfish of me to let Ari keep living in pain. I had to let him go.. I would love to keep writing about him but it hurts too much. Instead, I’m going to include this picture of my beautiful boy because a picture speaks a thousand words.

Now enough of that mess…

I’ve always believed that everything should come in twos. About a year after I got Ari, I decided he needed a play mate. I had since left my ex husband, I was living in my own apartment and went on the hunt for the perfect buddy for my boy. A local pet store had adoptions on Saturdays and as I walked through the front door all I could hear was this cat meowing. This place was full of people, dogs barking, kids crying and all I could hear was this little high pitch meow coming from somewhere. All the way in the back of this store was this tiny, ugly orange kitten in a kennel. There was a much calmer kitten laying perfectly still with him but that ugly orange mess needed me.

I didn’t even walk around the store to see what else was an option, I knew the minute I heard him squalling from across the store he was coming home with me. After some careful consideration to give him a name that meant something, I decided to name him Soda. He was orange, and all the cliche orange cat names were too easy. My favorite soda was orange soda and he was orange…so there you go! He was probably about 8 – 9 weeks old when I got him and right off the bat you could tell his life thus far was only spent in a cage. Soda was quite the explorer and only needed me when he was tired. He would come for quick cuddles and to let me know how grateful he was that I rescued him but most of his time was spent with his big brother Ari.

I’ve had Soda for a few years now and he has yet to stop purring. That is all he does is purr. He is the biggest orange floof that is full of love, but he only lets me love him on his terms. I can pet him all I want, I can grab his belly fat and I can sing horrible songs to him but he will not let me cuddle him. The minute I try to wrap my arms around him to try to bury my face in his big orange fluffy body, he runs away. I’m only assuming that his 8 weeks of living in a kennel made him a little scared of confinement.

My favorite thing about Soda, even though he lets me know that his love language is not physical touch but he shows me with his purrs of affirmation. He knows one of mine is physical touch, so he holds my hand sometimes. He is also horrible at playing hide n seek.. Bless it. He loves to jump scare me but his tail hanging out from behind the curtain always tips me off. I play along with him so it doesn’t hurt his self confidence of being a champion hide n seek player.

Earlier this year, I fostered a litter of kittens. There were four black kittens that were sick and my heart just couldn’t stand leaving them there in the bushes. One in particular instantly claimed me as her human. At the time, Ari was still alive and having a third cat was not an option for me. I didn’t name any of them and kept my distance. This little love bug desperately needed to have kitty cuddle time with me. She was different than her three sisters. She was the only one that was solid black and her coat is silky smooth. She has big bug eyes like her mom and so I called her bug. All of the kittens I called bug because that’s what they were, little bugs that were all over my house.

I’m not going to lie, watching four kittens that were no bigger than Soda’s head completely destroy my house had it’s entertaining moments, but the affect it had on my bank account was not entertaining. After it was all said and done, three of them found homes but Bug. Ari was in last days, and she was stressing him out but I didn’t want to give her to just anyone. When Ari died, I made the decision to keep her. There will never be a cat that will ever compare to Ari… never. But Bug has a calming affect for me. I think Ari trained her when I wasn’t looking.

Bug is the first female cat I’ve had since I’ve been a teenager and I feel like I have a teenage girl living in my house. She doesn’t listen to a single thing I say but she is so smart. Playing fetch is one of our favorite things to. Never had a cat play fetch before! Just like Ari, she follows me all over the house. Where I am…she is! She is very demanding that my attention be solely on her. She can be somewhere else getting into something but if she senses that I may not be thinking about her, she brings her little dainty self where I am to remind me that even though she may not need me at that moment, I must always be prepared for kitty lovings when she needs it.

She has a meow that is very manipulating too. When she feels like the situation isn’t being handled the way she sees fit. She starts up with her little cries of I am a drama queen and I need attention. The only thing missing, is a 1-800 number and sad music playing in the background. She is quite the actress.

My morning routine goes as follows.. My eyes open, I go into the bathroom and shortly after here comes Bug & Soda. Soda yells at me to remind me that he needs breakfast and Bug sits on my bathroom counter waiting for me to turn on the water to brush my teeth so she can play in it. After I stand up, Soda runs down the hall way to lead me to his food dish but before I can follow him, I turn the water on first. In the one minute it takes me to give Soda a scoop of food and make my way back to the bathroom to brush my teeth, Bug has some how managed to turn my bathroom into a water park. It’s all over the place…

So yes, I am a crazy cat lady. But here’s the thing about that. God gives me what he knows I need. You can say what you want about animals and not everyone is an animal person. Since I’m not good at being alone, he gives me two little purr machines that will fill my time with pure joy. God comes in all kinds of ways, and for me.. he shows up in my cats. The fact they know when I need them just shows God sends his comfort in a tiny little creature that he created. I’m not sure if animals go to heaven, but my prayer is that my mansion in the sky is full of all of my cats.

I love your face!

Stay tuned..


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