Dear… Me..

Once again, you failed at yet another relationship. You should have conformed yourself to your partners needs. Because you were not the woman he needed you to be, he left you. It’s your fault.. The rumors he spreads about you, even though they were not true, everyone now thinks they are. You will be better off just staying at home and never going out again. … Continue reading Dear… Me..

Dear Diary.. everyone should enjoy random dancing.

Most people seem to think that being single is a bad thing. Most of the time, us single peeps tend to focus more on the negative side of our single season. I’m so lonely…I have no one to talk to…. I’m all by myself…this is stupid….what’s wrong with me… blah… blah.. blah… I am emphasizing that blah blah blah just so you know. But do … Continue reading Dear Diary.. everyone should enjoy random dancing.